FAU-G Garners 4 Million Pre-Registrations Ahead of Launch Next Week


India’s upcoming online multiplayer action game Fearless and United Guards (FAU-G) has crossed over 4 million pre-registrations ahead of its Republic Day launch. FAU-G’s Bengaluru-based developer N-Core games in an interview noted that FAU-G crossed the four million mark last week on January 14, 2021, despite not allowing low-end devices to register. He also noted that the game could go beyond five million pre-registrations.

According to the makers of the FAU-G, no other game in India has crossed 5 million pre-registrations to date, a feat it expects to achieve.
“I will say that we will cross five million at least. Could be higher. But at five million I don’t think so any other game, at least in India has got that kind of pre-registrations,” Ncore Founder and Chairman Vishal Gondal told IGN.FAU-G was listed on Google PlayStore in December and garnered a million registrations within 24 hours of being listed, according to the developers.

FAU-G is set to release on iPhones, iPads and Android devices on January 26, 2021. While the Android version can be pre-registered on Google Play, the iOS version is not yet available but is likely to arrive with the game’s launch.

According to the report, the game will also support low-end devices soon.

Earlier this month, FAU-G released its 1 minute 38 seconds long trailer which is now available on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. “High up on the peaks at India’s northern border, an elite fighting group protects the nation’s pride and sovereignty. It’s a daunting task, for the most courageous: The Fearless and United Guards,” the games’ description on PlayStore reads.

The makers of FAU-G have said there will be no guns in the game, however, there will be guns and other ammunition in the game depending on the level a player is at.

FAU G’s trailer highlights the Make in India initiative and Indian-actor Akshay Kumar has played a part in the development of the game, according to its makers. Meanwhile, there have been speculations about PUBG launching in India sometime soon but there is no official announcement from the company yet. PUBG Mobile was banned in India earlier this year due to its linkage with China’s Tencent that, which according to the Indian government, posed a security threat to the country.

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