The iOS release of Battlegrounds Mobile has been confirmed

Battlegrounds Mobile India has confirmed the iOS release of the game in a new Instagram post. Much has been revealed about the BGMI iOS version release to this point, but this is the first time Krafton acknowledges the update's arrival. Know the specifics.


Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is now available on iOS. One topic that has been plaguing iPhone users is when the Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) game would be released for iOS. It appears like Krafton has confirmed the release of the BGMI iOS version. Finally! Android users may already play the battle royale mobile game.

In a recent Instagram post, Battlegrounds Mobile India’s official handle teases the release of an iOS version of the game. We’ve heard a lot about the BGMI iOS version release so far, but this is the first time Krafton acknowledges the update’s arrival.

BGMI iOS release confirmed

BGMI states that it is preparing “all Indian players to earn incentives independent of their OS” when it comes to obtaining free gifts. The fact that the post closes with an Apple emoji emphasizes the iOS release even more. That’s correct. There is little doubt that BGMI will soon be available for iOS users.

We should expect the new version to be released much sooner than planned now that the iOS version has been officially announced. The official launch date for the Battlegrounds Mobile India iOS version has yet to be announced by Krafton.

When will BGMI iOS version release?

Similar to the Android release, Krafton is likely to reveal the beta version of the BGMI iOS version first, test it for a while, and then release the stable version. We must now await Krafton’s formal announcement of the BGMI iOS version’s release date.

The game creator also promised in-game awards whenever Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) reached a particular number of downloads in the same post. Players must reach three milestones in order to receive these rewards: 48 million downloads, 49 million downloads, and 50 million downloads.

The first milestone will grant three Supply Coupon Crate Scraps, the second will grant three Classic Coupon Crate Scraps, and the third will grant a Permanent Galaxy Messenger Set, according to the post.

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