Google: Get 100% Off Paid & Premium Courses | Free Google Digital Garage Courses

Google: Get a 100% discount on paid and premium courses | Free Google Courses 2021: You can increase your skillset during the 2021 lockdown due to the Corona Virus Pandemic by subscribing to Google Courses.


Find a variety of free learning resources to assist you in your business or job. You have the option of learning by selecting particular modules or diving right in and taking the complete course from beginning to end.

Google Digital Garage Courses For FREE –

  1. Fundamentals of digital marketing
  2. Create and Manage Google Ads Video Campaigns
  3. Google Ads – Measurement
  4. Shopping Ads
  5. Google Ads Video
  6. Build a Website on Google Cloud
  7. Learn How to Create and Optimize Google Display Ads Campaigns
  8. Salesforce developer
  9. Front-end developer
  10. Learn programming with JavaScript
  11. Introduction to R
  12. Data Science with Python
  13. SQL for Data Analysis
  14. Kotlin Bootcamp for Programmers
  15. Build Native Mobile Apps with Flutter
  16. Intro to JavaScript
  17. Developing Android Apps with Kotlin
  18. Android developer
  19. Learn Python basics for data analysis
  20. Search Engine Optimization Fundamentals
  21. Python Basics
  22. Introduction to Cybersecurity for Business
  23. Kotlin for Java Developers
  24. SQL for Data Science
  25. Database Management Essentials
  26. Fundamentals of Network Communication
  27. Introduction to Python Programming
  28. Version Control with Git
  29. Securing Digital Democracy
  30. Machine Learning Crash Course
  31. Elements of AI
  32. Fundamentals of Graphic Design
  33. Programming for Everybody (Getting Started with Python)
  34. Front-End Web UI Frameworks and Tools: Bootstrap 4
  35. Object-Oriented JavaScript
  36. Introduction to Cybersecurity
  37. Google Ads Search
  38. Google Ads Display
  39. Understand the basics of machine learning
  40. Google Cloud Platform Big Data and Machine Learning Fundamentals
  41. Fundamentals of digital marketing
  42. Get a business online
  43. Make sure customers find you online
  44. Promote a business with online advertising
  45. Expand a business to other countries
  46. Connect with customers over mobile

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