Instagram will soon replace swipe-up links with stickers

Instagram will soon allow users to add stickers to their Stories instead of swipe-ups to add links and other features.


Instagram is expected to change the way links are attached to Stories in the near future. As previously reported, the social networking platform is planning to replace swipe-ups with link stickers. This means that users may now add share links to their profiles via stickers that can be pressed to view a specific link.

According to App researcher Jane Manchun Wong, the functionality will be available on Instagram starting August 30, which is less than a week away.

Users who already have access to the swipe-up links should be able to get the new Instagram Stories sticker. For the uninitiated, the capability is restricted to business accounts and those who are either verified or have over 10.000 followers.

There’s no indication on whether the feature will be available to people who don’t match the prerequisites. Although it was previously reported that Instagram intends to make this feature available to a wider audience.

People will have more flexibility and control with the newsticker. People will be able to pick how they want to exhibit their link sticker, for example, by adding multiple styles, sizes, and other adjustments, just like they can with other stickers. It will also allow individuals to react or respond to stories with links. Currently, there isn’t such a choice.

It was also mentioned that the functionality would be tested on a small group of people to ensure user safety. This will be accomplished by ensuring that no offensive information is shared. This is precisely why the Facebook-owned network would think twice before making the feature available to everyone. It will be revealed in greater depth in the future.

The new sticker will be added to Instagram’s existing stickers, which include location, GIF, poll, caption, music, and more.

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