Do you want to know, any Image is photoshopped or not ?

Here this way you can identify and get to know How to find out if an image has been photoshopped or not.


The process of Photoshop has become so easy and favorable that even an average computer user can do it in a flick of a second. It has become next to impossible to know whether it is authentic or had some improvements done. The growing capabilities of computer and mobile devices have made editing a common and fun tool. Today’s kids can also expertly Photoshop at a very young age.

These tools will help you.

1. Visual Inspection

It will Looking closely to the photoshopped image is the first and foremost way to find out if it has tampered. One should simply know the basic Inspection like.

2. Curved or bending surface 

It will inspect the background carefully and look out for those tiny lines, straight edges, wood grains, corners or tiles. It becomes difficult to get the right prospect in Photoshop.

3. Light shifting 

this is also an interesting way to spot an edited image. The light effect and shadow will interfere in the picture. For instance, if an object is added or removed the shadow or highlight will come from a different direction compared to the light in the photo.

4. Loss in quality 

when the quality in technique is reduced, it clearly speaks loud in the picture. One will clearly notice that a single picture will not be uniform and that areas in a picture will be low.

5. Common sense

sometimes using a little sense will do no harm. Missing hand or leg, too many fingers or an added limb, or a ghost hand will speak loud that it is photoshopped. The digital artist will miss out the basic error or oversee it.

Web Apps 

There are many apps, that can easily detect the photoshopped image. The powerful cameras not only the perfect image but also stores great information about the picture. Few of the popular Web apps to detect the modified pics are

1. Fotoforensics

2. Izitru


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