Facebook introduces Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses.

Wearers of the Ray-Ban Stories glasses will be able to listen to music, make phone calls, shoot images and short films, and share them across Facebook's services via a companion app.


Collaboration with Ray-Ban parent EssilorLuxottica, Facebook has released its first pair of smart glasses. The new glasses are a step toward making full augmented-reality spectacles a reality. The new glasses are called “Ray-Ban Stories,” and they will cost $299 (about Rs 21,988), with polarised and transition lens variants available at a greater price.

Wearers of the new Ray-Ban Stories glasses will be able to listen to music, make phone calls, snap images and short films, and share them across Facebook‘s services with the use of a companion app.

Specifications and features of Ray-Ban sunglasses

Ray-Ban Stories have a low-profile design and will have two 5-megapixel cameras for taking photos and movies. The in-frame speakers and microphone will also let users listen to music and take phone calls. The glasses are lightweight and come with a leather hardshell charging case. Because the glasses are not waterproof, you must exercise caution when wearing them.

For full functionality, the glasses will need to be connected to an iOS or Android mobile. Users can still take hundreds of photographs or dozens of films in the onboard memory before having to transfer the media to their phone using the Facebook View app.

Users may utilize the two onboard cameras to apply 3D effects to their images and movies in the Facebook View app. They can then upload the photos to any of Facebook’s services.

Physical controls, such as the capture button, will be used to control the spectacles. A touchpad on the right arm allows you to do things like controlling the volume or answer a phone call by swiping. The Ray-Ban Stories glasses, coupled with the charging case, are said to have an all-day battery life, according to Facebook. The frames have an LED light that will illuminate to indicate that the glasses are recording to others nearby.

Unlike the Snap Spectacles prototype, the glasses do not have any in-lens screens. We can expect to see more of this in future iterations.

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