The OnePlus Nord 2 Indian edition has exploded yet again, prompting the company to issue an official statement.

In India, another OnePlus Nord 2 5G bursts. Here's a glance at the disassembled smartphone. Learn more about what OnePlus India had to say about the situation.


The OnePlus Nord 2 was released in July, and since then, the smartphone has encountered its own set of troubles, which has kept it in the spotlight recently. Gaurav Gulati, a Twitter user, has reported that his new OnePlus Nord 2 smartphone caught fire and subsequently exploded. During this period, the gadget was idle and not in use.

Gulati told MySmartPrice that he was carrying the Nord 2 in his black lawyer’s robe when he noticed that the phone was heating up. After a while, he threw his coat when he noticed smoke coming from the gadget, which subsequently caught fire and exploded in an air-conditioned courtroom.

According to the source, OnePlus has contacted Gulati in order to submit the gadget for testing. He has, however, declined the request, stating that he will “follow the legal path and surrender the gadget to the police by submitting a formal complaint against OnePlus India.”

Gulati claimed to have had stomach injuries during his interview with MySmartPrice. He went on to say that OnePlus had seemed unconcerned about his injuries and trauma. However, no evidence of the injuries has been provided.

What is the value of a person’s life if he dies leaving his survivors? It has no value. We have already resolved to sue the firm for monetary damages in a court of law. If they are willing to compensate, they can create a formal agreement in the public domain, or we will pursue legal action and order them to stop the OnePlus Nord 2 5G gadget with immediate effect,” Gulati told MySmartPrice.

What does OnePlus have to say?

In an official statement, OnePlus India stated, “Last evening, an individual contacted us on Twitter about an alleged blast case for the OnePlus Nord 2, and our team immediately reached out to this individual to verify the veracity of the claim.” We take any claim like this very seriously because we care about user safety. Despite numerous attempts to analyze the item, including a visit to the premises earlier today to examine it in the individual’s presence, he has thus far denied us the opportunity to perform a proper diagnostic. Under such conditions, we are unable to validate the veracity of this claim or answer this individual’s compensation demands.”

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