You may now check the availability of COVID-19 vaccination using Google Maps: Here’s how

Google offered the opportunity to use a simple search to get a range of information about the COVID-19 vaccine. These details include the availability of appointment times at each location, the doses available, pricing, and much more.


Google has announced that consumers will be able to look up information about the COVID-19 vaccine on some of its prominent services, including Maps, Search, and Assistant. Google Maps, Search, and Assistant users in India will be able to see additional information regarding vaccine availability and appointments, the company revealed on Wednesday.

Over 13000 locations will display vaccination availability information based on real-time data from the CoWIN APIs, according to the company. This week will see the release of the most recent update. So, if you haven’t yet received the new features, please be patient.

Users will now be able to obtain a range of information about the COVID-19 vaccine by performing a simple search, according to Google. The availability of appointment slots at each center, the doses available (Dose 1 or Dose 2), cost, and connections to the CoWIN website for scheduling are just a few of the details provided.

How to find information about the COVID-19 vaccination on Google Search and Maps

Google noted in an official blogpost that when consumers search for vaccine centers near them or in any specific location on Google Search, Maps, or Google Assistant, vaccine availability-related information will appear. Users can look up information about the COVID-19 vaccine by typing “covid-19 vaccines near me” into Google Search, Maps, or Assistant.

Vaccine-related information will be available in eight Indian languages, including Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Gujarati, and Marathi, according to Google. Google has also stated that it will work closely with the CoWIN team to bring this functionality to all vaccination clinics in India.

“As people seek information about the epidemic to manage their lives around it, we remain committed to finding and distributing accurate and timely information across all platforms,” said Hema Budaraju, Director of Google Search.

It is recommended that you upgrade the appropriate apps first in order to make use of the current features. If you haven’t yet received these new features, you may have to wait until the end of the week.

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